2021 RVNC Elections Tuesday, April 6th

Deadline to Apply for your Vote-By-Mail Ballot is March 30th

This year's election will be Vote-By-Mail Only conducted by the Los Angeles City Clerk due to the pandemic.

Check out the candidates and once on the page hit the pop down menu and select Rampart Village.

Here's what you need to know to vote!

The Rampart Village Neighborhood Council (RVNC) along with LA’s 98 other Neighborhood Councils, form the grassroots level of the City’s government. While Rampart Village NC board members serve their community without pay, they are public officials elected by the stakeholders of their community. 

This is your chance to vote for the Candidates who will help shape decisions on land use, housing, public safety, transportation, the environment, arts, and everything else that affects Rampart Village. These Representatives will advise the City Council, Mayor’s Office, and all other City agencies on matters affecting our community.

Board terms are two years, with the following seats are up for election:  

  • At Large Representative
  • Resident Tenants Representative
  • Business Representative
  • Homeowner Representative
  • Community Based Organization Representative
  • Community Interest Representative
  • Student Representative


RVNC Stakeholders who are 16 years or older on the day of the election are eligible to vote.  You can vote once in each category (except the Community Interest Stakeholders*, who can only vote for the Community Interest Board Officer position.) 

A “Stakeholder” is anyone who lives, works, or owns real property within the VNC’s boundaries, and you do not have to be a citizen of the United States.  Check out the VNC Map here*1 to find out if you are a RVNC stakeholder. 

* A Community Interest Stakeholder, is defined as an individual who is a member of or participates in a Community Organization within the boundaries of the neighborhood council. A “Community Organization” is an entity that has continuously maintained a physical street address within the boundaries of the neighborhood council for not less than one year, and that performs ongoing and verifiable activities and operations that confer some benefit on the community within the boundaries of the neighborhood council. A for-profit entity shall not qualify as a Community Organization. Examples of Community Organizations may include Chambers of Commerce, houses of worship or other faith-based organizations, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations. They can also include neighborhood associations, homeowners, apartment, condominium, or resident associations, school/parent groups, senior groups, youth groups, business improvement districts, service associations, park advisory boards, boys & girls clubs, cultural groups, environmental groups, neighborhood watch, and police advisory board groups.

Voters will verify their Stakeholder status by providing acceptable documentation. Stakeholder status may also be established by means of declaring a stake (or interest) in the neighborhood and providing documentation supporting that declaration.


Your first step is to APPLY to receive a ballot.  

To apply to receive a ballot: 

  1. Watch this video.
  2. Review these instructions.
  3. Complete a Vote-By-Mail application through the Vote-By-Mail Portal or download a paper application (available in 11 languages) and return by mail, fax, or email a photo/scan of your application including any required documentation.

After the application is received, the Los Angeles City Clerk will verify your stakeholder eligibility and mail you the appropriate ballot. 


The Los Angeles City Clerk is working with various organizations to use their facilities as authorized service providers to provide mail services and ensure homeless stakeholders are able to participate in Neighborhood Council elections.

In Rampart Village:

  • Saban Community Clinic 137 N. Virgil Ave., LA 90004 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Thursday 
  • Bresee Foundation 184 Bimini Pl., LA 90004 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday

For questions regarding the application process, please contact the Los Angeles City Clerk at (213) 978-0444

Additional information is also available on the Los Angeles City Clerk- Elections Website